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hello ok hi guys i guess im gonna use both this blog and my other one (ericacookies) cause one of my friends has rekindled my love for community and i dont want it on my other blog (trivial i know) but yes hellooo guys :D

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Media: Help :) 


For my Media GCSE I need to produce a magazine, and I’ve made a couple of front covers. However I’ve made 3 and I can’t decide between the 3, so it would be extremely helpful (and part of the specification) if you could take some time and pick which ones you prefer :)

It’d also be very helpful if you could share this around!

It’s called muse (unoriginal sorry) and Fall Out Boy are the coverboys (?)

Here are the links to the three:

(1) (2) (3)

Check them out and leave an answer saying 1, 2 or 3, and feedback or criticism is also helpful! 

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i made a video for ifyoutube :) 

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hey guys, moving to another blog (called ericacookies haha yeah i know, thats why i changed my url) cause idk i’m not really into the kind of stuff this blog stands for anymore.. i mean i am just not as much and shit

um follow if u want, unfollow if u want and shit? idk

(ew i’ve joined the hipstuh side ugh -.-)

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Summer Falls by Amelia Williams

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moffat that’s not funny


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doctahh hwhooooooo

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reminder that you can like a band without the following:

-knowing the name of the members

-liking every album

-having them save your life

-knowing everything about them

Thank you

Things you should NEVER say to different fandoms (feel free to add your own) 
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